Ex-‘Hearthstone’ Devs Working With Marvel on New Game

Ex-‘Hearthstone’ Devs Working With Marvel on New Game

Second Dinner, a new development studio set up by former developers of Blizzard's Hearthstone trading card game, has received $30m backing from Chinese technology giant Netease as they begin work on a new Marvel game. The indie studio was founded by former game director, Ben Brode, and executive producer, Hamilton Chu, joined by long-time Blizzard employees, Mike Schweitzer, Yong Woo, and Jomaro Kindred. Even though we likely won't know for quite some time what they are creating or what platforms it will be for, it's always exciting to hear that more Marvel video games are in the pipeline.

The new game has been in early development - meaning prototypes and playtests - for about six months.

No title or timeframe for the game have been announced.

Given NetEase's involvement, we can expect this game to include strong ties to microtransactions. While the new venture has been quiet since its inception, the team just announced that they've partnered with Marvel for their first game.

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KitGuru Says: Right now, I'm picturing a Marvel version of Hearthstone, but I could be wrong. Marvel Games Executive Vice President Jay Ong said that Brode and Chu are "exactly who we want making Marvel games".

"In all likelihood, this will be the best game ever made", said Second Dinner CEO and paragon of modesty Hamilton Chu.

A new announcement for his own company, Second Dinner, soon followed. Or maybe Spectacular! Or Incredible! Details about it are yet unclear, but the crew promises that applicants who get hired into Second Dinner will naturally get to see it. You can check out their announcement video below, then share any theories you have about the game in the comment section!

Second Dinner aims to "make deep, satisfying games that are optimized for mobile" according to its official site.