Africa recorded almost 600 cases of infection with Ebola virus

Africa recorded almost 600 cases of infection with Ebola virus

The health worker has no symptoms, the medical center said.

Nebraska Medical Center officials said that the physician was transported to the facility from the Congo by private plane and vehicle. The unidentified individual, who had been caring for patients with Ebola, will be monitored in a secure area at the medical center for up to two weeks, and will be transferred to the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit if symptoms develop, according to a statement.

Doctors said Nebraska Medicine is the only national quarantine unit to be funded for monitoring and observation care of infectious diseases.

Politico identified the person as a 39-year-old physician.

"The Ministry of Health, together with its partners, will continue its Ebola screening at all border points and airports to ensure the Ebola virus does not spread into Uganda", said Uganda's ministry of health spokesperson Emma Ainebyonasaid.

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"Since the beginning of the epidemic a total of 593 recorded cases (545 confirmed and 48 possible)".

"We maintain high surveillance and active case search in the community".

The WHO announced on Friday (December 28) that progress in fighting the outbreak is imperiled by fighting in the areas of Beni and Butembo within DRC, Reuters reports. The rehabilitation works of the Beni Transit Center are underway. "Some dignified and safe burials were made in both health zones". In 2014, the hospital treated three Ebola patients. Officials said, however, that they are investigating 47 suspected cases. The vast West Africa outbreak of 2014-2016 affected 28,616 people, including 11,310 deaths, for a case-fatality rate of 40%.

Raphael Mbuyi, Oxfam's acting country director in the DRC, said: "This is an extremely worrying situation, as every time the Ebola response has been suspended before we've seen a big spike in the number of new cases".