AEW Unable To Secure Top Indie Wrestler Due To WWE Interest

AEW Unable To Secure Top Indie Wrestler Due To WWE Interest

One of the big reveals from the rally was the fact that Chris Jericho had signed full time with All Elite Wrestling.

Shortly afterwards Jericho was moved to the alumni section of WWE's website, but things could have been very different if new rumors are to be believed.

As you look ahead to Double or Nothing and think about what AEW would mean to the world of professional wrestling, take a look at everyone announced for the roster so far.

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Former WWE stars Chris Jericho and Neville aka PAC confirmed they're part of All Elite Wrestling on Tuesday during the promotion's rally. I know Viper was on their list. Omega and Jericho have had mega-battles in Japan in recent years, and Omega said this week that he is leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling.

A WWE rep has given a comment on the situation, stating that the company hasn't told security to ban anybody, regardless of if they were wearing AEW merchandise, but there have been countless reports showing people being rejected entry.

Dave Meltzer also seemed to speculate that Jericho's deal might not be a full-time deal like a lot of the other AEW talent will be on, using the basis that Jericho still wanted to continue his NJPW appearances. I can't be there working under Tanahashi.