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United Nations rejects U.S. bid to condemn Palestinian group Hamas

United Nations rejects U.S. bid to condemn Palestinian group Hamas

It was a real life lesson for Haley in how 'Chanakya neeti' goes down at the United Nations, where countries calculate the value of their votes at multiple levels to get the biggest bang for their bucks.

The resolution, backed strongly by Israel and the USA, needed a two-thirds majority to pass following an earlier vote in the assembly.

The United States, Israel, Australia, Liberia, Marshall Islands and Nauru voted against that measure.

The Palestinians sought to thwart the USA move by presenting an amendment to the U.S. text to include a reference to United Nations resolutions that condemn Israeli settlements, call for negotiations on East Jerusalem and pledge support for the two-state solution.

But a last-minute maneuver set an unusually high bar, a two-thirds vote, for passage. It was unwise to back a losing horse and wiser to retain flexibility.

The European Union, like the United States, considers Hamas a terror group.

New Delhi helped its strategic partner where it was crucial and abstained when a U.S. defeat was certain.

Or the fact that the two-thirds requirement passed by a mere three votes.

New Delhi is now in a sweet spot - unencumbered and balanced.

But before the vote on the USA draft resolution, Bolivian Ambassador Sacha Llorenty Soliz withdrew the amendment.

Russia's hand was all over the maneuver and there was nothing Haley could do.

It has officially been one-year anniversary since the US began recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

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"We thank the U.S., we thank Ambassador Haley for her strong support", he further added. Similarly, there should be no decision that a two-thirds majority applies now.

The U.S. -led resolution would have condemned Hamas for "repeatedly firing rockets into Israel and for inciting violence, thereby putting civilians at risk".

Denouncing the vote, Haley asked her "Arab brothers and sisters" to "let go" of their "hatred of Israel", later adding that "both sides" would do well to "let this go".

"We must never allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon or a nuclear bomb - we can not let the world's leading sponsor of terror, a regime that chants death to America and threatens Israel all of the time with annihilation and constantly screams out death to Israel, to possess the deadliest weapon on earth", urged the president.

The US-drafted resolution won 87 votes in the General Assembly, falling short of the two-thirds majority required for adoption.

Following the vote, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu applauded the "sweeping majority" of countries who voted for the draft condemnation.

Their refusal to back the US resolution comes just weeks before the White House prepares to unveil a proposal to get Israelis and Palestinians back to the negotiating table.

It was the first draft resolution condemning Hamas to be presented to the 193-nation assembly, which has been meeting since 1946.

Instead, she has defeat on her platter because she chose to continue with a failed project instead of quietly cutting her losses. Less than a month ago, Hamas fired hundreds of rockets into southern Israel, striking a bus.

Trump has named Heather Nauert, the current State Department spokesperson and a former Fox News host, as Haley's successor.

Resolutions adopted by the General Assembly are non-binding, however, they carry political weight and are seen as a barometer of world opinion.