Radio stations ban "Baby, It's Cold Outside" in the Me Too era

Radio stations ban

Cleveland radio station WDOK said a poll on its website showed a majority of listeners supported the ban when the decision to retire the song was made.

However she said she also understood that song strikes a different tone now following last year's historic Me Too movement, which saw both male and female victims of sexual abuse and harassment come forward to name powerful perpetrators in a number of industries. "Ever since Cosby was accused of drugging women, I hear the date rape thing all the time" in reference to the song.

Bret Saunders, a longtime KBCO radio host and jazz columnist for The Denver Post, talked to Colorado Matters about the debate over "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and other songs that have aged poorly. "I think you can look at anything and read something into it these days, and I just don't think that was the case when they wrote that song and (it's not) the intent of the song, and I think we have to look at that".

She even shared her love for the song on Instagram.

'Back then it didn't mean you drugged me, ' she added.

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'Absolutely I get it, ' she said. "This song is included in his very successful 1959 "Winter Romance" album and I'm very proud that it has become an evergreen favorite that is played every holiday season", Deana told FOX News.

"I personally love performing "Baby It's Cold Outside" and will continue to do so", Deanna told FOX News.

The decision to stop playing the song has divided audiences.

The call-and-response song written in the 1940's includes a woman singing that she has to leave a man's house as he tries to lure her to stay.

'People used to say, 'What's in this drink?' as a joke, ' Loesser explained.