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PETA ridiculed, criticized for comparing 'speciesism' with racism, homophobia and ableism

PETA ridiculed, criticized for comparing 'speciesism' with racism, homophobia and ableism

PETA doubled down on their message by adding one of their alternative phrases, "bring home the bagels" to their Twitter bio.

"Mentally abusing entire minorities is now being treated the same as saying phrases that have animals in them".

They are urging people, for example, to use phrases like "bringing home the bagels" instead of 'bringing home the bacon'. "Those phrases should be replaced with "be the test tube", feed a fed horse" and "take the flower by the thorns", the organization says.

PETA has been heavily criticised for comparing "speciesism" to racism, homophobia and ableism.

PETA's tweet comes after UK-based academic Shareena Z. Hamzah of Swansea University wrote in The Conversation last month about how "metaphors involving meat could gain an increased intensity if the killing of animals for food becomes less socially acceptable".

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The tweets have received a huge amount of backlash, with more than 20,000 people replying, mostly criticising the organisation.

Some pointed out that PETA probably has bigger fish to fry.oops.

The organization then suggested ways in which people could stop using "anti-animal language". Animals are important. But the n-word or any other pejorative that describes historically disenfranchised people has a historical context.

Now, PETA is using those user-generated ideas as the inspiration for a new social media call for innovative suggestions.