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John Kelly's White House Exit Seen as Certain; Ayers May Get Job

John Kelly's White House Exit Seen as Certain; Ayers May Get Job

President Donald Trump ignored all questions from White House reporters about the future of his White House Chief of Staff John Kelly on Friday.

CNN's Kaitlan Collins reported on Friday that Trump and Kelly had reached a "stalemate in their relationship", and had stopped speaking to one another.

"The Mueller questions to Kelly centered on a narrow set of issues in the investigation of potential obstruction of justice, chiefly Kelly's recollection of an episode that took place after new reporting emerged about how the President had tried to fire Mueller", CNN reports.

Trump is actively discussing a replacement plan, though a person involved in the process said nothing is final right now and ultimately it is up to Trump.

President Trump is expected to nominate General Mark Milley, who now serves as Army Chief of Staff.

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Trump has said arms and other trade deals with the kingdom were too valuable to the USA for him to take a hard line on the Saudis. Militarily, Saudi Arabia is a staunch ally and a buffer against Iranian military expansion.

But in the last months, Kelly has seen his status as chief of staff diminish. Kelly started holding increasingly fewer senior staff meetings - once daily occurrences were whittled down to weekly gatherings - and began to exert less control over who talks to the President.

The White House at first resisted Mueller's request to question Kelly, CNN reported, a departure from an initial posture geared toward cooperation with Mueller.

Trump and Kelly have privately argued at times and complained about each other to confidants, sometimes in colorful language. "It's not his strength", Trump said.

Kelly, too, has made no secret of the trials of his job and has often joked about how working for Trump was harder than anything he'd done before, including on the battlefield.

At times, Kelly was the source of his own downfall. He said some of those eligible for protections under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals were 'lazy.' . The lights were off in his West Wing office.