Google Plans To Shut Down Google Hangouts By 2020

Google Plans To Shut Down Google Hangouts By 2020

The news of Hangouts impending closure comes courtesy of 9to5Google which cites a source "familiar with the product's internal roadmap". Google will likely be winding down the app over the coming year, giving users a chance to migrate, before closing it down.

Google would then decide to launch another SMS app called Messages (eventually renamed to Android Messages), which left us wondering why it would integrate SMS only to cease support just a year later.

While Hangouts Chat, much like Slack, was meant for easy conversations between the team and the organization, Hangouts Meet was introduced as a video-calling platform for fast, easy and convenient meetings. Google unveiled a new strategy for Hangouts in 2017 when it launched the two messaging applications Allo and Duo. After years of indications that such a move could be imminent, Google may finally be shutting down its Hangouts platform for consumers.

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That included Google Talk, which was more focused on enterprise users, and Google+ Messenger, the service formerly known as Huddle. Better, a lineage for the preservation of your existing Hangouts chat history/data would be implied by this reveal. However, according to Scott Johnston, director of product management and realtime comms product lead for G Suite (i.e., the guy who runs Hangouts at Google), that isn't the case.

The shutting down was inevitable and delayed only because Allo performed poorly.

Yesterday it was reported that Google was planning to sunset Hangouts sometime in 2020. What is a suitable alternative?