Epic Games to undercut Valve with own PC games store

Epic Games to undercut Valve with own PC games store

Launching as part of Season 7 on December 6, Creative allows players to turn their attention to creating content on their gaming PC rather than just consuming it.

Now, over a year after Battle Royale was added to the game, developer Epic Games is set to debut a third mode for the game that will give players the freedom to build to their heart's content on their own private island.

One thing we can be pretty certain of is that Season 7 will launch with a brand new game mode.

"Yes, there will be Fortnite news at The Game Awards", he continues.

Season 7 of Fortnite: Battle Royale is also due to start on December 6, but for anyone in the United Kingdom that will presumably also be Friday - unless you're an insomniac super fan.

Creative will join the massively popular PvP Battle Royale mode (which is now the only mode available on mobile) and the PvE Save the World campaign. Season 7 is only a couple days away and fans can't wait to see what happens when the Snow Storm looming over the horizon finally crashes on the shore of the island.

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Developers will also be afforded an easy way to connect with customers through a direct newsfeed displayed prominently on the store, which should make it very convenient for interested customers to follow any news to do with their favorite developers and games.

The truth is, Epic Games does make plenty of money from the feature, which charges players a small fee to unlock each dance for their character. Can't imagine he'll be invited back to Epic HQ any time soon...

Everything you put together is saved between sessions, so that's one way Creative differs from Playground mode.

Season 7 is going to have an icy theme, with snow already falling on the map. Players can create their own servers and have others join them. Many are speculating that season seven will be winter-themed, with most of the images featuring a winter aesthetic. It may well answer criticism from some parents that Fortnite concentrates too heavily on killing other players.