Dan McCready withdraws concession in House race amid fraud allegations

Dan McCready withdraws concession in House race amid fraud allegations

But others aren't so sure.

The midterms are not over in North Carolina's 9th district.

The records HuffPost reviewed at the Robeson County Board of Elections on Thursday didn't contain evidence of wrongdoing.

"Which is an extreme burden on the county's residents", Stone said. As the newspaper put it, "There may be no way, however, to know how widespread the fraud was, or whether it involved enough ballots to potentially change the outcome of the election - a 905-vote victory for Republican Mark Harris over Democrat Dan McCready". And the fact that Harris managed to win a whopping 96% of all Bladen County absentee ballots that actually made it to election officials is a big red flag, too.

The state board of elections has refused to certify the election results, and plans to meet on or before December 21 to hold a hearing on its current investigation into the allegations.

Moody led after Election Day, but Burton wiped out his lead after absentees and provisional ballots were counted.

The revelations and ensuing national news coverage have put pressure on Republicans and attracted attention from top Democrats.

Foote did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

"There's reason to doubt the capacity of the State Board of Elections", state Sen.

McCready rescinded his concession on Thursday. Moody's lead became a 71-vote deficit after provisional, or challenged, ballots were counted on November 15.

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The board said it would hold a hearing by December 21.

"And the House leadership is not going to let that happen", he said.

He recalled concluding that Harris had won the overall vote with a strong showing from evangelical voters, but he said: "We did not look real specifically at absentee ballots".

"The House did something similar in 1985".

Since reports of irregularities in the 9th District emerged last month, Republican leaders in the state - including Dallas Woodhouse, the state Republican executive director - initially played down concerns that laws were broken.

Pelosi said such a decision would be preceded by a House Administration Committee investigation. It is his understanding that Pittenger's staff can be authorized to remain working until a victor is declared so constituent services can continue uninterrupted. "We would not oppose that".

In recent days, amid mounting allegations of a ballot-harvesting operation, state Republicans have shifted their rhetoric. Meanwhile, Democrats accused Republicans of undermining the existing investigation into the allegations.

Leading House Democrat Steny Hoyer on Tuesday said his party may not seat Harris if the election remains in question when Democrats take control of the lower chamber in January.

Pelosi said "any member-elect can object to the seating and the swearing-in of another member-elect". As it stands, Dan McCready would certainly lodge a challenge in Congress before Harris gets seated, at which time this becomes the jurisdiction of the House and its majority party - Democrats.

Gerry Cohen, a former special counsel to the North Carolina General Assembly, said the state bans third parties from taking possession of ballots.