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Body found in Costa Rica thought to be missing Florida woman

Body found in Costa Rica thought to be missing Florida woman

A local security guard was arrested and taken into custody in connection with her disappearance, officials said.

Stefaniak had traveled to Costa Rica to celebrate her 36th birthday, relatives said.

According to the Associated Press, Costa Rican authorities have identified the body found on Monday as Carla Stefaniak. The body was wrapped in plastic bags and half-buried in a mountainous, wooded corner of the resort's property.

Authorities are waiting for autopsy results, which could be released Tuesday. He noted that the case still remains under investigation and that the FBI is also on the case.

"None of us really believe this 5 a.m. story because it really doesn't make sense", her sister-in-law April Burton told Fox13.

When Jaime got to the airport around 5 p.m., she went inside to wait for her friend.

"The family has yet to see the body and they were in the process of securing dental records for the examiners!" "The family has not confirmed the identity by viewing or providing DNA samples". The OIJ has not named a suspect in the Costa Rican's death.

Espinoza added that authorities found stains in the Airbnb apartment where Stefaniak was staying that were "compatible with blood", though they are conducting further testing.

Investigators performed an autopsy Tuesday, and plan to work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to match fingerprints to formally confirm the body belongs to Stefaniak.

The Airbnb listing for "Villa Buena Vista" has since been removed from Airbnb's website.

Martinez left his homeland in Nicaragua in June to work as a security guard in Costa Rica. In recent years, reviews have been mainly negative.

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Meanwhile, Stefaniak's family are now on their way to the Central American country. But they couldn't get flights out on the same day, Jaime said.

Witnesses supposedly saw Stefaniak leaving the Airbnb around 5 a.m. with her luggage and getting into an unknown vehicle, according to the Miami Herald. On November 27, Burton flew back home, and that same night, Stefaniak went missing.

Stefaniak also apparently spoke to her friends via a Whatsapp group chat and told them the power had gone out during a rainstorm.

"Carla is very communicative".

"She's a great person".

Stefaniak's brother flew down to Costa Rica on Friday to search for his sister.

The Uber driver apparently offered to give her a city tour and she agreed.

Burton left the country Wednesday, and Stefaniak's flight back to Florida was scheduled for the next day.

"That's when we knew that something's not right", Burton said. "They are now (fully) numb, and the family wants answers", family friend Bruga Demirel said Tuesday.

Then the guard told a different story: It wasn't an Uber.

So, the family contacted T-Mobile. A spike, Jaime said, similar to someone shutting off a phone.