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Volusia teen accused of killing mom over bad grades remains in jail

Volusia teen accused of killing mom over bad grades remains in jail

According to detectives, the 15-year-old confessed to strangling his 46-year-old mother Thursday night after they got into a fight over a "D" he received in a class.

The boy then went to school Friday morning and came home to report his mother as missing to police and their home ransacked by unknown intruders.

During his confession he said he used a wheelbarrow to move her body into the family van and then he drove to River City Church 1.5 miles away where he buried her in a fire pit.

Ramos' attorney, public defender Larry Powers, appointed by the court, did not have much to say and agreed with the judge's decision that probable cause existed to detain Ramos on the murder charge. He said his mom was missing and her van was still running in the driveway. This suspect "matter of factly" admitted to everything, and said he thought he deserved a "Grammy [sic]" for his performance on the 911 call, Chitwood said. "It's not really a big place to bury his mom".

The boy left to school, and after returning home from school on Friday, he told deputies that his mother had vanished. During questioning, he calmly acknowledged killing his mother, police said.

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"Even in the interview room, normally you figure there's a point in time where somebody's going to break down or there's going to be some type of emotional - there was no emotional, nothing".

In Ceglarek's case, the grandparents, Joe and Marion Cappizzi, of Deltona, who have custody of the teen who turns 18 on December 20, did not even know that their grandchild was not in school on Friday, the day Ceglarek was out helping Ramos, Jacques said. He is a soulless individual, ' Chitwood said.

Video obtained by Inside Edition showed Ramos performing taekwondo at a martial arts camp in 2015.

Though the boy said he wanted to be a homicide detective one day, Pagliari said: "At the end of the day, I'm standing here, and he's where he belongs". His favorite course was criminology.

Deputies with the Volusia County Sheriff's Office said Gregory Logan Ramos confessed to the crime after originally trying to trick investigators into thinking his home had been burglarized while he was in school.