USA voters give verdict on Trump as control of Congress at stake

USA voters give verdict on Trump as control of Congress at stake

Trump held three rallies in three states - Ohio, Indiana and Missouri - on Monday for Republican candidates as the GOP tries to hold its majority in the House and Senate. There are enough budget-hawk Republicans still around in the Senate to object on principle to spending trillions of dollars on something other than the military and enough cynical Democrats in the House who are unwilling to have a hand in anything for which Trump would receive some credit, deserved or otherwise, ahead of his re-election campaign in 2020. You go back to 2001, 2000, they think they got jobbed when the Supreme Court stole the election in the Florida recount away from Algore.

Democrats are bringing in their own heavy hitter while campaigning to boost Obamacare and bring President Trump's legislative accomplishments to a standstill. Republicans are expected to keep their majority in the Senate and forecast to gain one seat in the upper chamber.

"In the case of Justice Kavanaugh.for the sake of argument that he lied, I don't believe there is any evidence that he did." the judge said.

U.S. tech companies are stepping up security and efforts to fight disinformation campaigns to prevent online troublemakers from trying to divide voters and discredit democracy.

Cantor says he thinks more Republicans will head for the exits if they lose. It happened with Jimmy Carter with George H.W. Bush.

"When it comes to his actions, I'm not a huge fan of his tweets", Panelo said.

While one point may not seem like much, two factors should be considered here.

Republicans are expected to retain their slight majority in the US Senate, now at two seats, which would let them retain the power to approve US Supreme Court and other judicial nominations on straight party-line votes. If those few thousand votes had been cast anywhere else, we would never have seen a Trump.

Likely Senate outcome: Republicans hold on to the Senate.

But numerous key Senate battlegrounds are conservative states, like Missouri and Montana, where Trump excelled in 2016 and remains popular. Lawmakers also plan to enact additional tax cuts aimed at the middle class and work to promote new trade policies. Others have pledged to pursue impeachment, although removal from office is unlikely so long as the GOP controls the Senate or even maintains a healthy minority.

His Republican opponent is Ron DeSantis, a conservative backed by US President Donald Trump.

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"The message that I'm going to send is: We're not okay with the direction that this president is leading our country", said Rory Mabin, a 34-year-old Chicago resident who votes in every midterm election.

He noted that some GOP members who faced blowback from constituents on some key agenda items opted to "vote no but hope that the bill passes".

Most polls have Hawley with a slight lead but not above the surveys' margin of error.

'I think we're going very well in the House.

Most Republicans admit the best-case scenario is keeping the losses to a minimum.

Florida is always an important state in USA elections and this time is no different. "We need to elect politicians who believe in it and will do something about it". "That means we may not know the victor for days". They can do whatever they want and I can do whatever I want'.

"What it means to be Republican is being rewritten as we speak", Fleischer said. Dean Heller versus Democrat Jacky Rosen in Nevada; Democrat Kyrsten Sinema versus Republican Martha McSally in Arizona; Democratic Sen.

Executive Director for the Center for Responsive Politics Sheila Krumholz commented: "The significance of this election is clear". Aided by Republican retirements and an unprecedented flood of donations, majority from women, they appear to be almost guaranteed to gain at least somewhere in the mid-to-high teens. In other words it will more closely match the Trumpian base of the party. Another Politico source says House Speaker Paul Ryan called Trump on Sunday to beg him to focus on the economy in the final hours of campaigning. "Cordray, a bad person who will do a awful job", Trump told the crowd.

So another reason we need not be concerned about surprises in today's vote is that it was the idiosyncrasies of the United States presidential election system that turned a marginal error into a surprise president in 2016, and this system does not apply to the midterms. "And that becomes the overriding goal".

This has been accounted for by all major news organisations, and pollsters are now more likely to err on the side of caution and assume that small polling errors - errors that would be insignificant if they were isolated - may be replicated across different locations and elections and therefore may have an impact on the overall vote.