Rainbow Six Siege Gets Globally Censored To Prepare For Asian Release

Rainbow Six Siege Gets Globally Censored To Prepare For Asian Release

The "branched build" of the game will be region-locked, and won't be accessible via VPNs.

Although Ubisoft says it isn't going to compromise the gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege, fan response to the changes has been overwhelmingly negative, with fans confused and angered by what they perceive to be hypocrisy on Ubisoft's part.

Like many developers that aim to bring a game to countries like China, Ubisoft plans to change some visual elements changed before Rainbow Six Siege can see an official release in the country. Having the same people working on a singular global version of the game ensures we only need to do the work once.

Ubisoft has announced that they will be altering some of the maps in their twitchy, tactical team-shooter Rainbow Six Siege, removing various references to gambling, violence, sex and even skulls. And while the changes won't impact gameplay, it may feel like the game loses its mature edge in the process.

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In a story I thought I'd dreamt until I got up this morning and realised it was legit, Ubisoft's 'shop-job is happening in order to make sure that Siege complies with rules in all global territories, giving the developer one single, worldwide version of the program to work with.

Simple changes include the melee icon changing to fist rather than a knife, or the death icon becoming a target shape rather than a skull.

Numerous game's more contentious elements, such as art and icons depicting skulls as well as references to gambling and sex, are to be toned down or removed entirely.

The changes will arrive in the fourth season of this year, and Ubisoft has shared a few examples of what to expect. Any and all support helps keep DualShockers as a standalone, independent platform for less-mainstream opinions and news coverage.