PG&E sued over massive Northern California wildfire

PG&E sued over massive Northern California wildfire

Before the Camp fire struck, the most deadly wildfire in California's history was the Griffith Park blaze, which killed 29 people in Los Angeles in 1933.

More human remains could be found, Honea said, adding that the county is deploying two portable morgue units and will use cadaver dogs to find others who perished.

There was also an additional 150 search-and-rescue personnel on top of 13 teams already looking for remains - a grim indication that the death toll is likely to rise.

The exact number of missing was unclear, but many friends and relatives of those living in the fire zone said they had not heard from loved ones.

One Malibu resident who didn't heed the evacuation order was 59-year-old Tony Haynes, who described how strong winds brought the fire through his neighborhood during the weekend, with the sky growing dark, saying there was so much smoke he put on his scuba-diving tank to breathe.

Diminished winds and higher humidity levels allowed crews to make headway against the flames, fire officials said.

As the blaze roared west, devouring almost 6,500 homes, it created its own fire whirlwinds or "firenados", incinerating an area equivalent to 80 American football fields (100 acres) per minute.

While the causes of the Camp and Woolsey fires have not been determined, state regulators are investigating two utility companies that reported incidents shortly before the two fires started.

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"I am thinking so deeply for everyone who is suffering today from these abominable fires & grieving the loss of their homes or loved ones", she wrote.

The first of the victims of the California wildfires have been named by officials in the north of the state.

PG&E told state regulators last week that it experienced a problem with a transmission line in the area of the fire just before the blaze erupted. Medical records of bone fractures, prosthetics or implants can also be helpful.

The fire charred roughly 200 square miles (518 square kilometres).

While the Hill Fire is 90 percent contained as of Tuesday morning, the Woolsey Fire is only 35 percent contained, and the Camp Fire 30 percent contained.

"We're getting the upper hand here".

"Cal Fire wants to recognize the many out of state partners that have joined in battling these wildfires", the agency said.

CBS2 and KCAL9 are teaming up with the Los Angeles Rams and the United Way to help raise money for victims of the recent fires in Ventura and L.A. counties.