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Mooted Brexit deal is an ‘absolute stinker’, warns Boris Johnson

Mooted Brexit deal is an ‘absolute stinker’, warns Boris Johnson

The EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier told Belgian broadcaster RTBF this morning that the two sides were not close to reaching a deal, while Taoiseach Leo Varadkar told May on Monday that he was ready to consider a review mechanism that would keep the border with Northern Ireland open after Brexit, but that he would not accept any arrangement that would allow the United Kingdom to withdraw from the customs union without the approval of Brussels.

If Prime Minister Theresa May and European Union officials fail to reach an agreement by next March, animals travelling to the European Union will need rabies vaccinations and a blood sample taken 30 days prior to arrival.

At a Brussels summit in October, EU leaders ruled there was not enough progress in Brexit negotiations in order to call an emergency summit this month to finalise a deal.

But a spokesman for Mrs May said no extra meeting has yet been scheduled ahead of the regular cabinet meeting in Downing Street next Tuesday.

Irish premier Leo Varadkar has dealt a blow to British hopes of a breakthrough in Brexit talks, warning he will not accept a deal that gives the United Kingdom unilateral power to halt "backstop" arrangements for the border with Northern Ireland. The agreement would "not be done at any cost", her official spokesman said.

The Sun newspaper reported Tuesday that Raab and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt would use the cabinet meeting to warn that any deal with the European Union that traps Britain within the bloc's orbit would never be approved by MPs.

Leo Varadkar says the agreement must remain in place unless another one supercedes it.

He told Belgian broadcaster RTBF that "there is still a real point of divergence on the way of guaranteeing peace in Ireland, that there are no borders in Ireland, while protecting the integrity of the single market".

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Insisting that the United Kingdom should "junk" any solution keeping it in the EU's customs union, he said: "Brexit was meant to be about taking back control".

On Monday, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said he was "open" to considering proposals for a review mechanism for the backstop but said the outcome of any such review could not involve the United Kingdom deciding on its own to end the backstop.

There would be an "exit clause" from the customs union in a bid to convince Brexiteers that it is not a permanent arrangement as May looks to secure votes to get the deal through Parliament, added the paper.

"Can't understand why Irish Government seems so intent on this course".

But he made clear that he would not accept an arrangement which gave the United Kingdom unilateral powers to ditch the customs union without the agreement of Brussels.

Senior EU figures have indicated that they are prepared to offer British Prime Minister Theresa May an "independent mechanism" by which Britain could end a temporary customs arrangement with the bloc, the Times reported, without citing sources.

"Such an outcome will have serious consequences for the economy of the Republic".

Britons wanting to take their pooches or other beloved pets with them face a slew of new checks if there is a no deal Brexit. "Only a People's Vote offers the United Kingdom a real choice over our future".