Learn how to play Ingress Prime with these fun tutorials

Learn how to play Ingress Prime with these fun tutorials

Before that it was mostly proof of concept games and stuff like that. It ...

If you're ready to jump back into the world of Ingress - that is, the real world - you can now get the game for free on Android and iOS.

It was Niantic's first ever game, and was full of sci-fi cyberpunk vibes. To celebrate this release, Niantic has added items into Pokémon Go's Style Store.

Niantic also hopes to attract more of the hardcore GO crowd to Ingress Prime and will continue to use GO as "the world's best onboarding tool" for its own game. A Shiny Cubone with green skin will represent Ingress Prime's "Enlightened" faction while the blue-flamed Shiny Ponyta represents the rival "Resistance" faction. The biggest difference is that Ingress Prime will be driven by an ongoing, evolving narrative that will be influenced by real-world events.

Once upon a time, before Pokémon Go took over the world, there was a mobile game known as Ingress which revolved around using the Global Positioning System within players' phones to discover in-game elements within real-life locations.

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The team at Niantic is now hoping some of the features in the newer version of Ingress can be implemented into GO eventually.

We're here to introduce you to Ingress Prime - a game that'll take you to interesting places in the world around you.

No release date for the Pokemon GO event was shared, but we expect it to start soon.

As well as the game, the Ingress Prime story will also be told through a web series called The Dunraven Project, as well as an anime series that will come to Netflix in 2019.