Indiana records unusual early-season influenza death

Indiana records unusual early-season influenza death

The Indiana State Department of Health recorded the state's first influenza-related death of the season.

The News & Observer in Raleigh reported Thursday that the illness claimed the life of an adult in the central part of the state.

Dr. Belcher says people should also know the difference between the flu and a common cold. You can not get the flu from the flu vaccine.

Now is the time to get a flu vaccine, which is considered preventive and in most cases is covered through employer-sponsored, individual, and Medicare and Medicaid health plans. The problem lies in the fact that there are many strains of influenza that can cause the flu, so right now, the best tactic at our disposal is to try to predict which strains will be prevalent in a given year, then stock vaccines against those particular strains. But they increase when temperatures drop and the virus becomes more active.

"We don't typically see flu-related deaths this early in the season, but flu viruses circulate year-round and can have heartbreaking consequences at any time", said Indiana State Health Commissioner Kris Box, M.D., FACOG.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone age 6 months and older get a flu vaccine each year.

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The flu vaccine and Pneu-P-23 vaccine, which help protect against pneumococcal disease and is offered free of charge to seniors, are available at local public health offices, nursing stations, doctors' offices and Access centres.

"No, doc. When I was younger I would get it and always get sick, so now - at my age - I think I will pass on it this year and take my chances".

For kids - and even some adults - with an aversion to needles, one pharmacy chain has come up with a way to help take the sting out of the flu shot. Traditionally it protects against 3 types of influenza: Influenza A, (H1N1), influenza A (H3N2) and influenza B.

The elderly, children, and those with compromised immune systems are also vulnerable to the flu virus if they don't get the vaccine.

The 2017-18 season in Canada was a bit of an anomaly, surprising even some influenza experts.

A new survey on seven hundred parents in Florida and conducted by the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital, showed that half of them believed the flu vaccine caused the flu, leaving researchers to understand a little more why parents are hesitant and distrust the shot.