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History, Trump and partisan bitterness collide in Georgia

History, Trump and partisan bitterness collide in Georgia

The video message via Instagram came in response to what Winfrey described as "racist robocalls in my name" against Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, a Democrat for whom Winfrey has been campaigning, per Time.

Republican Brian Kemp on Monday stood by his decision to level claims of attempted hacking at Democrats, turning their objections - and the concerns of nonpartisan civil rights groups - into an election eve selling point.

The call also refers to Abrams as a "poor man's Aunt Jemima" who "white women can be tricked into voting for, especially the fat ones".

The Abrams campaign tried to encourage its supporters Tuesday evening, after a state judge ordered three precincts in suburban Gwinnett County - a populous swing county in metro Atlanta - to extend their polling hours, one of them as late as 9:25 p.m.

Stacey Abrams: "Once again, for the third time, he has put our voters at risk, and he has refused to take responsibility".

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"The Democratic Party of Georgia will stop at nothing to regain relevance and power in our state", Ryan Mahoney, Communications Director for Kemp's gubernatorial campaign, said Sunday. In 2016, he accused the Department of Homeland Security of an "unsuccessful attempt to penetrate the Georgia Secretary of State's firewall, " before the investigation found the alleged attack to be a routine traffic from a federal employee checking the state firearms license database. That total is almost twice the number purged between 2008 and 2012, the group said in a report. Florida and Georgia, meanwhile, could make history by electing their states' first black governors - and leading Democrats such as former President Barack Obama made special pitches for Andrew Gillum in Florida and Stacey Abrams in Georgia in the final days.

Whatley, 33, said she didn't appreciate how Kemp has adopted Trump's rhetoric on immigration. Republicans have won every Georgia governor's race since 2002.

"It's wrong to call it an investigation", Abrams told CNN on Monday.

Adding to the drama, Election Day voters will cast ballots amid an ongoing dispute over Kemp's management of the election system he runs in his current job as secretary of state, leaving open the possibility that partisans on the losing end may not quietly accept the outcome. "I just want to say: Jesus don't like ugly ..." Rather, they said, Small had received an email from a voter that pointed out flaws in the voter registration's security system, and how it could be exploited to find voters' personal information.