Dan Crenshaw appears on 'SNL' after mocking

Dan Crenshaw appears on 'SNL' after mocking

Former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshew was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday, winning his election for the Houston area seat.

As Davidson introduced and thanked Crenshaw for coming, the Republican congressman-elect replied, "Thanks for making a Republican look good".

This week, Crenshaw joined Davidson onstage in New York City to put the incident behind them.

We'll have to wait and see how Crenshaw performs in office, but the republican party is long overdue for a conservative voice that urges bipartisanship and is willing to reach across the aisle ... even if it is just to poke fun at Pete Davidson.

"So are we good?"

A shocked Davidson then smirked at the camera as Crenshaw continued to let his phone ring.

Davidson seemed especially touched by that tribute to his late father, an FDNY first-responder who perished while trying to rescue civilians in the Marriott World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Crenshaw then appeared on stage, looked at Davidson and asked "You think?!" as the audience broke out in cheers.

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Davidson, who clearly liked the joke, admitted "that's amusing", before telling Crenshaw that it was his turn to make fun of a picture of him, since that's what Davidson had done a week earlier.

But then Crenshaw turned serious, suggesting that instead of telling veterans, "thank you for your service" this Veteran's Day weekend, Americans instead say "never forget", showing that American veterans and civilians are forever connected.

This time around, it was Crenshaw who got the punches in on Davidson.

"This is Pete Davidson".

Crenshaw was on a roll, so he gave two more "first impressions".

Crenshaw earlier responded to Davidson's comments in an interview with TMZ and said that he doesn't need an apology.

"Pete looks like Martin Short [famed United States comedian of the 1970s-1980s] in his Santa Clause 3. Let's just... demand that comedy actually be amusing, but let's be good people".

"No, you're right", Davidson said. But even if the call for unity rang a little hollow, there's one thing all Americans should be able to agree on: Dan Crenshaw's political positions are uniformly bad on everything from abortion to immigration to the "anti-conservative thugs" he believes are terrorizing America's colleges.