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A quick guide to following firsts for women in the Midterm results

A quick guide to following firsts for women in the Midterm results

To seal the win, the GOP drew backing from hard-right voters in rural, deep-red states, where Trump's nativist, racially tinged rhetoric and insult-laden discourse were as stirring for some conservatives as they were infuriating to liberals elsewhere. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., who heads the Senate GOP's campaign committee, said in an interview.

In an Election Day stop in Clarksville, Blackburn told reporters on Tuesday that her campaign has been running "full-steam ahead" since President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence held a Chattanooga rally for her Sunday. A Democratic victory would break the Republicans' eight-year hold on the House that began with the tea party revolt of 2010.

The outcome of the mid-term elections, which take place halfway through a four-year presidential term, could completely change the composition of both chambers.

In the suburbs outside the nation's capital, Virginia Rep. Barbara Comstock - among the most endangered GOP incumbents, branded Barbara "Trumpstock" by Democrats - lost to Jennifer Wexton, a prosecutor and state legislator. While Democrats have maintained a consistent message about healthcare, the president has muddied Republican efforts to focus on economic successes.

The result was all but assured when Republican Kevin Cramer ousted North Dakota Democratic Sen. Republicans were hoping that Young Kim, a Korean American woman, would win her California race to give the party some additional diversity.

"Tomorrow will be a new day in America", Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said at a victory party in Washington. McAdams believes that Democrats failed to offer an "alternative narrative" and that might hurt them at the ballot box. Joe Donnelly in IN and Republican Marsha Blackburn's win in Tennessee made it much more hard for Democrats to make inroads.

On the day of the general election for the 2018 midterms, Trump's approval rating hovers just under 42 percent, per a tracking module by FiveThirtyEight.

It was also a sign that the GOP money infrastructure may not have worked its magic: national Republicans stuck with Comstock to the end, spending nearly a half-million dollars in TV ads in the final week.

Two issues more than any others were on voters' minds: 25 percent described health care and immigration as the most important issues in the election. Short of compromises, perhaps on infrastructure, its initiatives will go nowhere in the House. The incumbent was reprimanded by a Senate ethics panel after corruption charges were dismissed following a mistrial, turning a what should have been a sure bet for Democrats into a close fight.

Problems with voting machines prevented Americans from casting ballots in a dozen states, USA rights advocates said, following complaints about registration problems, faulty equipment and intimidation they have received throughout early balloting. That is the question confronting several GOP incumbents, including New Jersey Rep. Leonard Lance. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., chairman of Senate Democrats' political arm.

Across party lines, everyone awaits tonight's election results with bated breath. "His actions, his verbage, he's clearly the focal point", said Tim Phillips, president of the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity, which has poured millions into certain races this cycle to help preserve the Republican majority. Bredesen had promised a bipartisan approach if elected.

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Brown handily defeated fourth-term Rep. Jim Renacci, who dropped a governor's bid to run for Senate at Trump's urging.

"There is a rumor, put out by the Democrats, that Josh Hawley of Missouri left the Arena last night early".

In those 10 Trump-won states, Democratic Sen. Democratic incumbents prevailed in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, which Trump carried narrowly.

Trump encouraged voters to view the first nationwide election of his presidency as a referendum on his leadership, pointing proudly to the surging economy at recent rallies. "Health care for millions of people".

Trump added that "we don't care about momentum when it comes to a disgrace like just happened to our country".

AP VoteCast, a national survey of the electorate conducted by The Associated Press, highlighted Trump's impact.

Almost 40% of voters cast their ballots to express opposition to the president, according to a national survey of the electorate, while one-in-four said they voted to express support for Mr Trump. Do voters in Iowa and other spots on the Obama-Trump map swing back to the Democrats?

"I think Trump is bad", Reynolds said.

Democratic senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a 2016 presidential contender, and Tim Kaine of Virginia, Hillary Clinton's vice-presidential nominee in 2016, easily won re-election, networks projected.

Yet while Republicans command the Senate only narrowly, 51-49, Democrats faced daunting political math: They and their two independent allies were defending 26 of the 35 seats in play. President Clinton's first midterm was met with a loss of 54 House seats and nine Senate seats.