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Mayors' group voices support for Toronto in council-cutting fight

Mayors' group voices support for Toronto in council-cutting fight

The move, passed August 14, was struck down by an Ontario Superior Court judge on Monday, reverting the city back to its previously approved 47-ward system.

"If you ask somebody, "Should governments, should majority governments have the power to override our constitutional rights, ' everybody would say 'No, ' but if you ask people, 'Should elected governments have the power to overrule judicial misinterpretations of the charter" or 'bad judicial decisions, ' I think most people would say 'Yes, '" said Morton.

Toronto city councillors voted Thursday to ask the federal government to halt the Ontario bill.

"Every hour that goes by, every day that goes by creates greater uncertainty and raises in me a huge concern over the proper conduct of this election".

The opposition parties have vowed to use procedural tools to delay the bill as much as possible.

The bill will, however, become law at some point towards the end of September.

Councillors then moved into a closed-door session to consider legal advice from the city's lawyers.

The current term of council expires at midnight on November 30, meaning that an election would have to be completed in advance of that date.

She also said that it is "virtually impossible" to hold a fair election amid the confusion over the cut in council.

In an emailed statement Wednesday Christine Myatt, a UCP spokeswoman, said Kenney "is focused on Alberta and getting our province back on track - not deliberations around the size of Toronto city council".

"Frankly, the uncertainty is making this very hard", she said.

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She said that separate voter information cards have been printed on the basis of both a 25-ward election and a 47-ward election.

"It is totally confusing", Watkiss conceded.

The NDP said Thursday that it will challenge the bill under rules that preclude legislators from introducing substantially the same bill twice in one session, and that bar the legislature from debating a item now before the courts.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he is "disappointed" with Mr Ford's decision but that the federal government will not get involved.

The power of disallowance has not been used by the federal government since 1943.

"We will never stop standing up for Toronto and the rights of our citizens", said Tory. Kristyn Wong Tam said during the debate.

But a legal challenge stopped his plan in its tracks.

If the clause had its genesis in Western alienation, since its creation in 1982 it has mostly been used in Quebec, most famously to subjugate English-language rights to French-language rights - an application that has contributed to the belief elsewhere in Canada that its use represents something of a political third rail.

Ward 7 Coun. Girogio Mammolit also expressed his support for Ford's move by "boycotting" the meeting, which he called the "socialist romper room crybaby meeting" in a message posted to Twitter earlier this week.

Toronto Mayor John Tory sits in the Council Chamber at Toronto City Hall, on Thursday as council sits to discuss the Ontario Government's introduction of legislation to reduce the size of Toronto City Council.

"We made it clear last month that we just think it is unacceptable that anyone would even think about changing the rules of an election in the middle of an election".