IPhone XR: Apple unveils iPhone XR starting at £749

IPhone XR: Apple unveils iPhone XR starting at £749

The only potential hiccup to a record-breaking quarter is the fact that the iPhone XS won't launch until October. Here's what we know about each device.

The iPhone Xs and iPhone XS Max use the new A12 Bionic chip. On Tuesday, UBS raised its price target to US$250, arguing a growing stream of recurring revenue from services and other offerings deserves a higher valuation than the more-cyclical hardware business. Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have an OLED screen, a premium display quality which was used on the last year's iPhone X.

Like their predecessor, the iPhone X, the name is meant to be pronounced as the number 10. The device kills the 3D touch feature but added some haptic feedback, so the screen vibrates a bit in response to touch.

There's also Dual-SIM support but for those outside of China would need to use an e-SIM for the secondary connection.

Apple has been hit with a series of leaks in recent weeks, detailing all the new products it plans to unleash on the world. Is this an SNL skit?' another user commented. Prices in other currencies were not immediately announced. When Apple's online store came back online following today's keynote, a number of devices were conspicuously missing, including the iPhone SE, the iPhone 6s and the iPhone X.

But with Apple boosting the average iPhone selling price by almost 20 percent, it still meant a bumper year for the tech firm. Additionally, it will feature all the same upgrades to the camera software that the XS range will receive.

Available for pre-order: Friday, September 14 with availability beginning Friday, September 21. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (6.2-inch) and even the Galaxy Note 9 (6.4-inch) are smaller so it's definitely going to stand out.

Here's how pictures of the new iPhone XS leaked

Instead of a dual camera, the iPhone XR features a single 12-megapixel f/1.8 wide-angle lens. Xs Max is offered at £1,099, £1,249 and £1,449 price that is PKR 175,000, 200,000 and 230,000 respectively.

Apple's newest phones feature faster processors and better memory capacities than their predecessor.

The XS will also have a dual camera system, which promises a sharper camera when combined with an A12 bionic chip inside.

They grabbed a product sitemap XML file being hosted on that showed the new devices will be called the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

It's available in either a stainless steel finish or aluminium and comes in three colours: silver, gold and space grey.

These features will be available to US customers later this year, but Apple did not say when it would make it to the rest of the world.

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