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Five Killed as Florence Hammers the Carolinas

Five Killed as Florence Hammers the Carolinas

More than four million people live in areas at most risk from the storm, which the Joint Typhoon Warning Center in Hawaii categorised as a super typhoon with powerful winds and gusts.

That's because the weather systems that usually push and pull a storm are disappearing as Florence nears land around the border between North and SC.

Florence's winds weakened as it drew closer to land, dropping from a peak of 140 miles per hour (225 kph) earlier in the week, and the hurricane was downgraded from a terrifying Category 4 to a 1. "There is probably not a county or a person that will not be affected in some way by this very massive and violent storm". Anderson didn't hesitate this time, gathering people from Florida and Alabama and preparing to roll toward Wilmington, North Carolina. The father was transported to a nearby hospital with injuries.

As Florence drew near, President Donald Trump tweeted that FEMA and first responders are "supplied and ready", and he disputed the official conclusion that almost 3,000 people died in Puerto Rico, claiming the figure was a Democratic plot to make him look bad.

"The shelters are not taking dogs", Ramirez said. NBC News meteorologist Al Roker described Florence's potential storm surge as "the most risky part of the storm". "I hope we don't but that might be the only thing that would affect us", James said.

Resident Jay Manning said he and his wife watched with alarm as water filled the street. "My wife's in a panic right now". It was tracked on Thursday about 725 kilometers away in the Pacific with sustained winds of 205 kilometers per hour and gusts of up to 255 kph, Philippine forecasters said.

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She was arraigned Thursday (local time), appearing in blue inmate clothing, and ordered jailed without bail, court records show. Brophy worked as a chef at the city's Oregon Culinary Institute - the same place where his body was found earlier this year.

Near the beach in Wilmington, a Waffle House restaurant, part of a chain with a reputation for staying open during disasters, had no plans to close, even if power is lost. "This is a 500- or 1,000-year event".

"Hurricane Florence was uninvited but she's just about here anyway", he said at a news conference.

Members of law enforcement work with the National Guard to direct traffic onto U.S. Highway 501 as Hurricane Florence approaches the East Coast Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018, near Conway, S.C. Time is running short to get out of the way of Hurricane Florence, a monster of a storm that has a region of more than 10 million people in its potentially devastating sights. Water kills more people in hurricanes than wind does.

"This rainfall will produce catastrophic flash flooding and prolonged significant river flooding", the National Hurricane Center (NHC) warned.

Heavy rainbands along with tropical storm-force winds are spreading across the outer banks and coastal southeastern North Carolina, the NHC said on Thursday. "It was located farther north in the Atlantic than any other storm to ever hit the Carolinas, so what we're forecasting is unprecedented", Moss said.