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South Korea's Moon Jae-in calls for 'complete denuclearization' with incentives

South Korea's Moon Jae-in calls for 'complete denuclearization' with incentives

Moon emphasized that complete denuclearization of North Korea is required for economic cooperation, saying that before political unification, the two Koreas could form an "economic community". He said the reconnection of railroads and roads is the start of "prosperity" for the two Koreas.

While he did not offer specifics on the proposed plan, it was likely that he had in mind the Kaesong Industrial Complex's business model, which would bring together South Korean capital and North Korea's cheap labor.

Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in first met in April in the demilitarized zone, and then held a more informal summit in late May.

"Peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula is a promise the two leaders made to the rest of the world".

He estimated cross-border economic cooperation could be worth at least 170 trillion won (S$207 billion) over the next 30 years, citing a study by a state-run think tank.

Putin also said the relations between the two states keep developing in a "friendly and constructive manner".

"Sanctions will remain in place until North Korea takes concrete and verifiable steps towards denuclearization", said Harris during an address at the Korea National Diplomatic Academy in Seoul. The telegram is quoted by the North's state media.

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Moon is ready to provide economic incentives, should North Korea agree to a timetable for denuclearization and discloses information on its nuclear arsenal to Pompeo, according to Money Today.

"The development of South-North Korean relations is not an additional outcome of development in North Korea-U.S. ties".

However, since the summit in June, the US and North Korea have not been able to reach agreement on the denuclearization issue.

The September meeting will mark the third time the two sides have meet since President Trump's summit with Kim Jong Un back in June of this year.

"I hope North Korea's complete denuclearization and the United States' corresponding measures will be swiftly pursued", Moon added.

While stressing the importance of Pyongyang and Washington striking a deal, for which Moon has assumed the role of a mediator, Moon emphasized it was important to remember the Koreans were "the protagonists" on this whole issue. "Rather advancement in inter-Korean relations is the driving force behind denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula", he said.

Listing the developments concerning North Korea, including the US-North Korea summit, Moon said that the goal is to end the Korean War, and set out objectives for his upcoming summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in September.