She Shot Off Her Face. Now She Has a New One

She Shot Off Her Face. Now She Has a New One

Katie Stubblefield was just 18 when she put the barrel of her brother's.308-caliber hunting rifle below her chin and pulled the trigger.

She is the 40th person in the world to be given a face transplant in an operation that lasted 31 hours.

Stubblefield is now on the cover of the September issue of National Geographic, as the result of a multi-year photo project by a National Geographic photographer who covered her recovery.

There are still months of slow healing and painful therapy ahead. It followed a tumultuous year in which, Ms Stubblefield had multiple gastrointestinal surgeries and her mother was sacked from the small Christian school she attended.

The procedure performed on Stubblefield included transplantation of the scalp, the forehead, upper and lower eyelids, eye sockets, nose, upper cheeks, upper jaw and half of lower jaw, upper teeth, lower teeth, partial facial nerves, facial muscles, and skin - effectively replacing 100 percent of her facial tissue, according to a press release issued by Cleveland Clinic. "When my parents helped explain everything to me, I was very excited to get a face again and to have function again".

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In 2017, it was decided that Stubblefield would undergo a face transplant.

Five weeks after Katie almost died from the gunshot wound, she arrived at the Cleveland Clinic in dire need of reconstructive surgery.

Ms Schneider had a hard life, born with drugs in her system to a drug addicted mother who died when she was only 13-years-old. Then, a new face was found: that of Adrea Schneider, who had died from a drug overdose.

Gastman said that in his 27 years of training and practice this was one of the worst face traumas he'd ever seen. It involved 11 surgeons, several other specialists and virtual reality.

"I'm definitely taking many, many daily steps". She also added that Schneider's son was not yet aware that his mother's face was being used, too, though he presumably will be soon. She is the 40thperson in the world known to have received a new face. Like all other face transplant recipients, Stubblefield will be on anti-rejection medication for the rest of her life. She hopes to go to college and eventually find a career in counselling and motivational speaking. "I am able to touch my face now, and it feels fantastic", Katie said in the video. "That's number one, but beyond that, I'd like her to have some level of normalcy". "Further, on the other hand, how much a singular rash decision made by so many young people today could negatively change your whole life". Almost 45,000 lives were lost to suicide in 2016, and more than half of people who died by suicide did not have a known mental health condition. They are warriors. They're like eagles who are protecting a young bird.