Nintendo Confirms That Luigi Isn't Dead Following Smash Direct

Nintendo Confirms That Luigi Isn't Dead Following Smash Direct

Earlier this morning, Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct exclusively focusing on the upcoming Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo held a special Smash Bros Direct event to reveal details on of the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Switch.

New items and assist trophies are also being added to Super Smash Bros. Along with the addition of Simon is his fitting Echo Fighter, Richter Belmont, and the newest stage (Dracula's Castle). Donkey and Diddy Kong's mortal enemy is also joining the fray - King K. Rool!

Nintendo will also introduce several new stages, bringing the tally to 103, a stark difference from the 42 offered in the 3DS and Wii U versions.

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As we assumed, Sakurai spent a fair amount of time talking about the game modes that will be available in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Ultimate will be getting a "limited edition" bundle in Europe.

Final Smashes now have a meter that can be filled to perform a slightly weaker version of the attack than the Smash Ball allows. Rathalos is the first character in Smash history that can show up as both an assist trophy and a boss character in single-player modes. The series's producer, Masahiro Sakurai, promised during the Direct that all of the game's fighters would be announced well before Smash Ultimate's release. New fighters, like Inkling from the Splatoon series and Ridley from the Metroid series, make their Super Smash Bros. series debut alongside every Super Smash Bros. fighter in the series... It enables players to select two different stages and move from one to the next mid-fight.

Another welcome addition is the inclusion of a structured Tourney mode, so players in larger groups can spend less time making brackets and more time competing. And since Nintendo Switch can be played anywhere, these tournaments can even take place in unexpected places! Smashdown mode forces players to choose new characters, as each elimination removes previously selected fighters from the options. They're not all new, of course - in fact, all the N64 stages will reappear in their old low-poly glory - but many are, including New Donk City Hall.