New Details on How VENOM Sets Up Sony's Spider-Verse!

New Details on How VENOM Sets Up Sony's Spider-Verse!

Altogether, the company retains the rights to about 900 such characters - and you can bet they'll try and make a movie out of every single one of them, should Venom turn out to do okay. However, Silver and Black, the previously reported Silver Sable and Black Cat movie, is not going forward. In essence, they're building a Spider-Man cinematic universe without Spider-Man.

Silk, aka Cindy Moon, is a Korean American character who was first introduced to Marvel Comics in 2014, having also been bitten by the same radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his peculiar powers.

In addition to Venom, which is an actual nearly-finished movie that, barring some sort of apocalyptic event, will definitely be out this October, Sony is also developing a movie based on Morbius, the Living Vampire.

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But if the anti-hero Venom finds enough compelled moviegoers, there is one Spider-Man property that seems inevitably destined for Sony to try to exploit ... and no, we're not talking about Spider-Gwen ... or Ghost Spider... or whatever Marvel is calling her these days. Now Sony doesn't need a Marvel Studios-sized hit to continue to develop a universe of Spider-Man supporting characters, but an outright bomb would likely alter the studios plans, in the same way audience indifference to last year's The Mummy pretty much put the brakes on Universal's long-in-development classic Monster shared universe. Along with Morbius, Sony has brought in writer Richard Wenk (Equalizer 2) to start on a script that will cover one of Spider-Man's most famous foes, Kraven the Hunter. In June we heard that Sony had removed the film from their release schedule as they took it back to the drawing board though, and now we know what they've come up with as the film will be split into two separate features focusing on each character independently. They are extending that relationship with Spider-Man sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home. However, she will remain as a producer for the upcoming Black Cat and Silver Sable solo films.

How do you feel about Sony's plans for SUMC?

While Spider-Man is now part of Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe, the cinematic rights to the character remain with Sony.