Google Makes Embarrassing Error Following Fortnite Android Release

Google Makes Embarrassing Error Following Fortnite Android Release

An APK for Fortnite on Android has been leaked, allowing some players to play the game on their Android devices before it has officially released. And not just after the initial download, but for every update as well?

In response, Google has a new warning on the Play Store letting gamers know that Fortnite is not available. The game is available on PC and Mac, home consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, and even launched on iOS earlier in March for iPhone and iPad users. That's easy to do if you're a Fortnite fan with an iOS device.

Fortnite for Android beta is now available, but not on the Play Store. The game will appear in the Samsung Game Launcher and in the Galaxy Apps store. However, the millions of kids who just want to play the latest and greatest game probably aren't aware of that.

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If you're running Android 9 Pie on a compatible phone, you can download Digital Wellbeing now from the Google Play Store.

Avoiding Google Play distribution means Epic gets to keep all of the in-app purchase revenue rather than paying 30 percent of it to Google.

Epic Games is releasing the mega-popular Fortnite for Android in an unconventional way: it is bypassing the Google Play Store. Following Fortnite's success on Android other game developers will also follow suit. Check out our guide below to see how to install Fortnite for Android. Malware can also come bundled with the actual official Android version of the game downloaded from an unofficial third-party.