European Tour pays wrong Tommy Fleetwood £120,000 Open winnings

European Tour pays wrong Tommy Fleetwood £120,000 Open winnings

For most of us the moment that our pay drops into our account at the end of the month is a moment of a lot of celebration.

The REAL Tommy Fleetwood, who missed out on his payday. It's an old piece of information but it never stops to put a smile on my face.

It is believed the European Tour, who along with the PGA Tour are in charge of sending out prize money to the players, already had the former pro's bank account details because he had competed in Challenger Events in Europe decades ago.

The European Tour say a clerical error resulted in Tommy Fleetwood's prize money for The Open mistakenly being paid to a random man named Tommy Fleetwood.

He laughed off the incident after being asked about it following a practice round, saying: "I honestly didn't know anything about it".

"I wouldn't even know if I'd been paid or not because I don't really look", Fleetwood said. "The European Tour are looking into it and I'm sure they'll feel pretty bad about it".

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The more famous Tommy Fleetwood told The Telegraph he hadn't even noticed, which probably shouldn't be a surprise since he's earned more than $4 million in 2018 alone.

Imagine checking your bank account and seeing an extra thousand dollars or so mysteriously deposited overnight.

'It's a amusing story.

The tour have apologised to both Fleetwoods, while the better known one's wife and manager Clare was off to check their bank account.

"It was only for $14 or something but he called it up and looked at his statement, and that's when he shouted 'Holy smoke, I've just had £154,000 paid into my account!'" He was not positive it was the same amount that Tommy won at the Open, but we checked and it was.

"He got on to his bank immediately and they didn't know what to say".