Arpaio speaks to toy doughnut in new Baron Cohen's show

Arpaio speaks to toy doughnut in new Baron Cohen's show

His campaign issued a statement saying Arpaio couldn't fully understand what Baron Cohen was saying during the interview.

Cohen's show has been making headlines all over the country in recent weeks because of Cohen's interaction with political figures, like the Georgia house representative who used a racial slur and showed his butt on the show.

At that time, Arpaio said that he'd consider legal action against Cohen if the clip itself turned out to be unflattering or defamatory against him. Another sees him asking if Donald Trump would give him "a golden shower", in reference to the alleged tape of the US President with two prostitutes in a Russian hotel room. A show where the infamous host, Sacha Baron Cohen, has adopted the persona of an "Israeli Technology Expert" who is using a fake device that can supposedly detect a rapist or paedophile upon immediate contact.

The show also features Arpaio arguing with a plastic Shopkins toy - an anti-firearms "D'lish Doughnut".

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Last month, Sarah Palin's admission that she had been pranked by Cohen led Arpaio to realize that he too had been fooled by "Who Is America?".

Arpaio and Cohen also entered into a discussion about gun control, with the OMGWhizzBoyOMG enthusiastically "unboxing" a Shopkins toy while rambling about taking away guns from bad guys and bragging about his own extensive firearm collection. "It's a risk I'm really glad that we took", Nevins told the Television Critics Association while promoting the upcoming lineup for Showtime, a unit of CBS Corp. As criticism erupted over the interview, Arpaio told the Arizona Republic that he had been unaware of the publication's views.

Arpaio is best known for illegally detaining Latinos and keeping inmates in brutal jail conditions during his 24-year tenure as Sheriff in Maricopa County, Arizona. He was later pardoned by his good buddy Donald Trump and is now seeking attempting to run for Senate.

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