Academy Announces Major Changes to Oscars 2020

Academy Announces Major Changes to Oscars 2020

The Academy Awards is adding a new category for the first time in nearly two decades, in the form of an "Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film" Oscar.

The American film Oscar will be a new nomination Outstanding popular film, according to Vanity Fair.

But there are arguably more instances of blockbusters being shut out of the running, like in 2009 when "The Dark Knight" infamously didn't receive a nomination for Best Picture despite massive box-office success, critical acclaim and winning awards in eight other categories.

The division is not without precedent either.

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The Academy has always been accused of snubbing commercially blockbuster films whose genres aren't typically considered Oscar-worthy.

Though the outer goal of something like the Academy Awards is to honor major achievements in the world of film, at its inner core, the Oscars is a business. This year's telecast, hosted by Jimmy Kemmel, which was nearly four-hour long, dropped to an all-time low of 19 percent from the previous year to just 26.5 million viewers, according to the Hollywood Reporter. They will edit the winner's speech and show it later in the broadcast.

Oscar viewership is often tied to the box-office muscle of the big nominees. What those people, and the Academy, don't seem to realize is that something like Best Editing can be instrumental in making a character's performance and the overall story flow together so seamlessly. The award has also honored lesser-known films like Spotlight and The Shape of Water. After all, those CGI-heavy blockbusters accounted for half of the top ten highest-grossing films a year ago and they have massive fanbases who might just tune in to the Oscars if their favorite movie were in the running.

A number of people online openly complained about the announcement, with many feeling it's a preemptive means to appease fans of blockbuster films like Black Panther while still not giving it full recognition.