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Vanderbilt law professor believes Roe v. Wade won't be overturned

Vanderbilt law professor believes Roe v. Wade won't be overturned

The judge has to be confirmed in the US Senate where Republicans now have a razor-thin 51-49 majority.

Do you think Kavanaugh is a good pick?

How will those Senate Democrats vote against a Supreme Court nominee who is popular with voters?

However, his selection will start a major confirmation battle in the U.S. Senate. In a state that Mr. Trump won in 2016, Donnelly has to show he can work with Republicans.

In his dissent, Kavanaugh conceded that unauthorized immigrants on United States soil do have a right to due process under the 14th Amendment, but wrote that undocumented youth in custody were not entitled to "abortion on demand". Other senators on this list declined that invite. "Nope. In fact, his history makes me more alarmed that this is a court that will be willing, if it gets five votes, to throw out Roe v. Wade".

Moreover, what happens with Kavanaugh raises the stakes for many other issues and for ME legislative and gubernatorial races.

But: Jones sounded skeptical of Kavanaugh in an initial statement, saying he'll thoroughly vet Kavanaugh's background. John McCain has strongly backed the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

I don't view Collins and Murkowski as joined at the hip on this matter.

The second scenario is like the first, except with one or two Republicans opposing Kavanaugh, thereby putting Democratic senators in Republican states in the hot seat.

Yet there's little doubt that Kavanaugh, a solidly conservative, politically connected judge, would shift the nation's highest court further to the right. Kavanaugh, a 53-year-old appeals judge, is revered in conservative circles for his perceived loyalty to the text of the Constitution.

But not all Democrats have fully committed to pursuing the issue: "I have not formed any opinions on the Muller investigation [and] the relationship to the Supreme Court as of yet", Senator Jon Tester (D-Mont.) said Tuesday.

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Paul was among some Republican senators who had favored other options. He also thinks that if Collins doesn't support Kavanaugh, Sen. A majority, including Kavanaugh, couldside with the Trump administration and decide that insurers do not have to cover people with pre-existing conditions. "But we were operating under a law that said this is what the independent counsel's job is, so that's what we did", Leipold said.

Hikind reminded his fellow Democrats that Donald Trump is the president, not Barack Obama, not Hillary Clinton. The organization, which supports abortion rights, is also planning a national day of protests for the end of next month.

Kavanaugh is a graduate of Yale Law School and he clerked for Kennedy on the Supreme Court. "You're always going to have some Republicans and some Democrats who wish that the judge would meet every standard that they set, but that's not realistic".

Alabama's Jones, another Democrat in a thoroughly red state that voted for Mr. Trump, won his seat past year by defeating Roy Moore, the Trump-supported Republican Senate candidate accused of engaging in inappropriate relationships with underage girls in his 30s.

Murkowski supports abortion rights, and it was a key reason she voted against Trump's Obamacare repeal last summer.

Paul tweeted that he will look into Kavanaugh's record "with an open mind".

The Washington Post's Aaron Blake breaks down, reporters have reason to question Paul's loyalty to this Supreme Court pick. And there is no record of Kavanaugh favoring overturning judicial precedents. A friend told me earlier that he wondered if Maverick would be as gung ho about a nominee like Amy Barrett, the preferred choice of the conservative base that's never had much use for him and vice versa.

Calls to put party politics aside are likely to go unheard in Washington. Much like Murkowski, she's got strong feelings on supporting abortion rights and has wielded them as a reason to vote against Trump priorities, like health care. The two other branches are represented by the presidency and Congress.

Another issue the opposition will press him on is whether he would maintain Roe v. Wade, which as a judge, he shouldn't have to comment on. Even if it doesn't, assuming Collins runs again, pushback will make her decision on Kavanaugh an issue for her 2020 reelection campaign.

Their party leader, Sen.