Trump slams record European Union fine against Google

Trump slams record European Union fine against Google

In a tweet, Trump claimed that the fine was proof that the terms of trade between the European Union and U.S. were unfair: "I told you so!"

THE European Union slapped Google with a $5 billion fine on Wednesday, alleging that the tech giant has acted in an uncompetitive manner by pre-loading apps and its services, such as Google search and the Chrome browser, onto Android phones. "They truly have taken advantage of the U.S., but not for long!"

The European Commission said Google had used the mobile operating system to illegally cement its dominant position in search.

The ruling is based on a determination by EU Competition Commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, that Google have been involved in three enormously serious, systematic, violations of EU rules.

The outcome of the ruling, along with the need to hand over a fair chunk of cash, means that Google will have to stop forcing phone makers to install Chrome and Google Search in order to be allowed to also offer the Google Play Store on their handsets.

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Once this was upvoted and links were published to other sites, Google's algorithm began to link the two and show the President's fizzog whenever someone searched for "idiot". In its view, an European Union ruling will harm app developers and customers by undercutting Google's business model of giving away Android software and generating revenue from mobile advertising. Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai has set his company in this direction - toward artificial intelligence services that reach consumers everywhere.

For its part, Google argues that consumers can still download other apps if they desire. If the EC throws a wrench into this cycle by making it harder for Google to serve ads, the likely result is that it will start charging for Android - thus leading to more expensive phones, reduced innovation and less choice for consumers.

But if Google is at fault for its de facto monopoly in Android app stores, Apple should be held to account for a similar violation.

Still, some US politicians welcomed the fine. There are also internal concerns regarding security and ad sales: Google's ad business now relies on targeting users based on location and activity, which Fuschia's security features would likely block, Bloomberg noted. European governments tend to want to exert more control than the US. The new operating system is being created to work on phones, tablets, laptops, smart home devices and more, but it may not completely replace Android right away. "We will continue to do it, no matter the political context".

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