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This customer grabbed a waitress's butt and got exactly what he deserved

This customer grabbed a waitress's butt and got exactly what he deserved

A viral video shows a Palm Bay, Florida man being immediately taken down by a waitress after he groped her at a pizzeria in Savannah, Georgia last month.

Emelia Holden was caught on video body-slamming 31-year-old Ryan Cherwinski after he grabbed her butt.

While the incident took place in late June, the security footage went viral and made the front page of Reddit, which garnered an 87% in upvotes. The man was arrested on the scene after the waitress called on colleagues to call the police.

National media outlets and social media users have since given her story widespread attention. "No means no. You have to have consent".

Emelia said: "I just did what I felt was best". "It's nice to know that I have empowered other women".

Cherwinski told police the touching was "an accident" and he was trying to get the woman to move out of his way.

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What appeared to be a quick, decisive reaction in the 12-second video did not initially feel that way to Holden.

At first, Holden figured it was a friend joking with her because "his hand went further than it should have", she told People, so she thought it couldn't be a stranger. "You're going to face the consequences'".

While Cassetta stresses that she would never judge a person on their reaction to being targeted, she says she teaches something different in her classes.

But she added: "I am NOT I repeat NOT interested in doing interviews on the matter".

"I got what I wanted when they put him in handcuffs", she said.

Police have now released bodycam footage showing the arrest of her accused groper, Ryan Cherwinski. "I don't care who you are". As she was sorting menus a customer walked past her and grabbed her behind, reported The Sun.