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Syrian rebels, Iran reach deal to clear villages

Syrian rebels, Iran reach deal to clear villages

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said they believed the jets that targeted Mashara were Russian that struck from high altitudes.

President Bashar al-Assad is set to recover control of the Syrian frontier with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights in a major victory over rebels who have agreed to surrender terms, sources on both sides said on Thursday.

In recent months and backed by Russian air force, the Syrian government has restored control of over 60 percent of previously rebel-held territory across the country.

Daraa has suffered catastrophic damage as one of the cities at the center of Syria's seven-year-long civil war. There were reports that several officers, including Iranians, had been killed, the source said without elaborating.

The provisions did not elaborate on any implications of the deployment of military units on the 1974 agreement. However, Israel has repeatedly attacked Syrian government forces near the Golan Heights, citing "stray shells" coming from Syrian territory as a pretext.

He also said that Syrian rebels and their relatives began evacuating Deraa on Sunday. Under some of these deals, Russian military police would oversee local security - rather than Syrian government forces - and rebels would become part of Russia-supervised local security forces. But the talks faltered, triggering the overnight onslaught and a new wave of displacement, with hundreds leaving the town again.

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Starting early Wednesday, a series of barricades on the road leading into the town were removed to let dozens of vehicles in, an AFP correspondent there said.

Perched atop the 1,000-meter tall Tel al-Hara and the smaller, yet still imposing Tel al-Mal, pro-government forces have placed what remains of Daraa's opposition fighters "in a vice grip", SANA claimed.

Israeli soldiers from the Kfir brigade's Shimshon ("Samson") battalion ride in a Merkava battle tank during a military exercise at the Tzeelim army base on July 3, 2018 simulating urban combat in the Gaza Strip.

Scores of displaced Syrians were turned back as they approached border fence along the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

In exchange, the Syrian government is expected to release hundreds of prisoners from its detention centers. Numerous displaced are sheltering within the disengagement zone that is monitored by a United Nations force.

The regime fully regaining its rule over Daraa city will be a hugely symbolic blow to the opposition. Russia's Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that Russian and Syrian authorities had set up a refugee center in Syria to help refugees return home from overseas.