"Fortnite" Has Earned Over $1 Billion

A limited-time event celebrating the big day will kick off on July 24, giving players the opportunity to earn special cosmetic items by completing birthday-themed challenges and quests.

At that time, we knew that there were errors with the matchmaking system the game uses.

In a postmortem published to Epic's website last night, the company explains why, exactly, Playground mode brought Fortnite's matchmaking down, which came as a surprise to many. That, by extension, meant that each node now had to manage a server list that was 15 times longer than it normally would be, increasing compute times dramatically.

The challenges include playing 14 matches, deal 1,000 damage to your opponents, and dance in front of 10 different birthday cakes that will pop up throughout the map. As it turns out, Fortnite actually had the server capacity to handle all of the people looking to create Playground matches - where it failed was in the matchmaking service itself. SuperData predicts that the battle royale market revenue will increase 625% by next year when games like Call of Duty: Black Op 4 drop (COD has implemented battle royale style games into their newest title).

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However, the limited time mode closed shortly after launch, presumabely because of errors with the matchmaking system Fortnite uses.

To fix playground mode, the matchmaking service was separated into its own service cluster.

Epic then tested the new process by hurling millions of theoretical players at the Playground mode, in a process they refer to as the "tweak-test-evaluate cycle" to be sure that the mode could withstand being relaunched. "We were forced to make significant emergency upgrades to our Matchmaking Service, but these changes will serve the game well as we continue to grow and expand our player base into the future".