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Donald Trump misspoke on Russian Federation

Donald Trump misspoke on Russian Federation

President Donald Trump said Tuesday he accepts that Russian Federation sought to influence the 2016 USA election, and that he misspoke by appearing to accept Vladimir Putin's denials over those of his own intelligence chiefs. At a press conference with Putin on Monday, Mr. Trump said "I have confidence in both parties" when asked whether he believes the intelligence community's assessment of Russian meddling or Putin's denial.

And it will now be etched as part of Trump's presidency, no matter how many double negatives he tries to claim.

Speaking after the joint press conference in Helsinki, Trump admitted that Washington-Moscow ties have never been in a worse place, but that relations had "gotten substantially better" since meeting the Russian leader and could improve more in the future.

Some US lawmakers have suggested passing resolutions to voice support for intelligence agencies or to invest more in election security and preventing cyber attacks.

Trump then added that "it could be other people also, there's a lot of people out there".

The president joked: "Whoops, they just turned off the lights".

Not all Republicans were angry with Trump's conduct in Helsinki. "Many positive things will come out of that meeting", he said.

Before back-tracking, Trump said on Twitter he had a great summit with Putin and gave no ground in changing his statements about accepting Putin's denial of interference in the US election two years ago.

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In comments first reported by Vox, the Republican praised the appearance as "a successful summit" and said, "I disregard and discount anything that involves the mainstream media press".

Mark Levin slammed "psychopaths" in the media for the "overwrought, hysterical, insane" criticism of President Donald Trump following his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. "Our intelligence officers believe they did and I think it's disgraceful that the president didn't acknowledge that".

It came as the fallout grew over what was dubbed Mr Trump's "surrender summit" and "treason summit".

Trump on Tuesday backtracked on his comments about Russian Federation meddling in the 2016 elections.

Amid bipartisan condemnation of Trump's embrace of a longtime USA enemy in Helsinki, the US president delivered a rare admission of error Tuesday.

"In a key sentence in my remarks, I said the word would instead of wouldn't".

But after the past 24 hours, he's clearly not taking any chances.

"There's a possibility that we may well take up legislation related to this", McConnell said on Capitol Hill Tuesday after mentioning Sen.