MacOS Mojave unveiled - Gets Dark Mode

MacOS Mojave unveiled - Gets Dark Mode

Developer betas are available now, and the full version of macOS Mojave will be available to users in the Fall.

The company uses its annual developers conference to preview all the major software updates it has developed for devices like the iPhone and MacBook Pro.

Here we'll run you through the key new features in macOS Mojave as well as giving you our first impression of their functionality and usefulness.

After four mountainous macOS releases, Apple has left the high road and entered the desert.

Apple includes a huge array of fixes and upgrades as well as exciting new iOS 12 features. It's called Measure. It's not unlike the augmented reality measurement tools that've been brewing and released by other developers over the past few years - but Apple releasing such a thing means they've got the utmost confidence in its ability to be accurate - and that matters.

Every year, Apple names macOS after California-inspired locations.

Apple has announced the next version of macOS will be called Mojave. This is one of the biggest updates for Mac in a long time but there seems to be little in store for developers. The firm will also be partnering with Microsoft to launch Office 365 to reinvigorate the store.

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With everyone focusing so much on data, Apple took the time to announce new privacy controls.

After improving the iOS App Store in iOS 11, Mojave focuses on revamping the App Store experience on macOS. It's going to function a lot like the iOS app, only it's on the Mac.

Apple also added new iOS features for its in-house apps such as Messages. Apple is also using WWDC as the stage to introduce redesigned Mac App Store with a sidebar on the left and big section for editorial. The Stocks app is also getting a massive update with integration of the News app. Group FaceTime works across iPhone, iPad and Macs. Measure uses the device's camera to look at the real object and you can tap on the object and start dragging the line to measure it in real-time. One option is created to get kids to unplug from their devices at bedtime.

Desktop stacks is Apple's new effort to help keep the macOS desktop clean for users.

In order to cutdown on desktop clutter (you know; photos, documents, spreadsheets, etc. strewn all over), Apple has introduced Desktop stacks. Finder adds a new Gallery View, which allows you to scroll through oversized previews of your files.

AR Kit 2 involves new features like distance recognition and multiplayer gaming, which Lego is integrating into whatever AR apps it has up its sleeves. If you click this thumbnail, it opens in a new Finder-based image editing mode which looks pretty feature-rich. Apple is making easier to take screenshots by adopting the mechanism from iOS. The screenshot function also lets users record small snippets of videos as well. There have also been some improvements made to taking screenshots in macOS Mojave.

For the first time ever, apps like News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home are available on Mac. During the keynote, Craig Federighi demonstrated both features, which should make inserting images and documents into a Mac app easier than trying to use the Mac's camera.