IHOb: International House of Burgers

IHOb: International House of Burgers

Many speculated the name change was for bacon or for breakfast.

"We're flippin' from pancakes, pancakes, pancakes to burgers, burgers, burgers", the company announced on Monday, announcing the shift that it teased by mentioning a looming name change last week.

Since the International House of Pancakes is now the International House of Burgers, Burger King has chose to change it's name as well.

Yes, the company known for flapjacks will now be known as the International House of Burgers.

"@IHOb the b stands for blasphemy", tweeted one. IHOP isn't changing its name.

The company is adding several burgers to its menu - including a Big Brunch burger with bacon, a fried egg and browned potato on top.

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In an effort to put the spotlight on its lunch and dinner offerings, the chain announced on Monday that the "b" stands for "burgers". "We're always going to be IHOP", he said moments after saying they weren't IHOP. "The IHOP Culinary team took the creation of these Steakburgers as seriously as we take innovation around our pancakes, which means they're soon to become world famous, too".

The so-called beef went away as soon as it started, however, with Wendy's signing a sort of peace treaty and welcoming IHOB to the burger neighborhood. "And, when you try them, I think you'll agree with me that IHOb's new line of Ultimate Steakburgers are so good that I'd put them up against anyone's ... just like our pancakes".

"As much as we love our pancakes, we'd never change our name to Whatapancake", it tweeted.

One fan did support the measure if she gets coupons.

But Rebelez said the vast majority of the almost 1,800 other locations will still go by IHOP.

Professional baseball team the Philadelphia Phillies went to the trouble of making its own name change announcement video that turns the MLB franchise into the "bhillies".