Trump will be worm food, says Iran's supreme leader

Trump will be worm food, says Iran's supreme leader

Russian Federation said it was "deeply disappointed", China has expressed regret.

In defiance of U.S. President Donald Trump, European leaders on Wednesday began drawing up plans to preserve the Iran nuclear accord.

As Obama put it, without the JCPOA, the United States must either live with a nuclear Iran or go to war to prevent it. Trump's move also betrays a lack of understanding of the new, emerging world order.

"The European Union declared nearly unanimously that it would stay in the deal, they'll try to fully implement it". The nuclear deal did not stop Iran from doing very bad things to its citizens or supporting terrorists.

But top USA officials were already working to stymie efforts by European powers to go ahead with business deals they undertook when sanctions on Iran were lifted in 2016.

Despite independent inspectors repeatedly finding Iran in compliance with the "Joint Comprehensive Programme of Action" - as recently as last week - the U.S. will place sanctions on anyone doing business in Iran, including foreign companies.

Tehran has said that it may remain in the deal as long as Germany, the United Kingdom and France are sticking to its implementation. In recent months Israel has struck two Iranian facilities and killed Iranian soldiers.

"The Iranian people are exhausted from all the pressure but the new sanctions can not be worse than last time, because now the Europeans are not on America's side and neither are the Asians", said Mr Mohammad Reza Behzadian, former head of Teheran's chamber of commerce. The U.S. president reportedly wanted an entirely new deal, something which the Europeans said would never happen.

Much of world business uses US currency and financial institutions one way or another, and although the European Union has already outlined plans to protect its corporations from USA sanctions, this will be hard to achieve in practice.

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"What's most important is to maintain stability and peace in the Middle East", he added.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Wednesday that the US military has at the ready constantly updated plans to use force to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons and the means to do so if diplomacy fails.

You've been seeing one effect of leaving the Iran nuclear deal for a while now in the form of higher oil prices, and thus higher prices at the pump. By denouncing this deal, Donald Trump takes a position that goes against global regulations, and that would weaken worldwide system, the UN Security Council and the United Nations. "In this regard, the United States actions are even illegal", Pakzad underlined.

The demonstration is a display of the Iranian lawmakers' anger about Trump's decision.

When advocating for withdrawal from the Iran deal, politicians and pundits should have leveled with us. The rest comes from voluntary payments by member countries. If the United States had the elements to say that Iran did not respect its engagement, and ask it even at IAEA. Trump's new national security advisor, John Bolton, has a long history of arguing for the force regime change in Iran. "This was an issue in the past", said one young woman in Teheran.

The SecDef said diplomacy is his first choice, but "we are always updating those plans" for the military option.

Neither Mattis nor Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford disputed that they had repeatedly affirmed JCPOA was working in terms of verifying Iran's compliance on nuclear programs, but they deferred to Trump's decision. Closer to home for the US, Boeing will be anxious about its $20b deals to sell airliners to Iran, supporting 100,000 US jobs.

While uncertainty remained over consequences for trade with Iran, Mr Parker said the government was aware of the complexities approaching and the budget specifically allocated more money to the ministry.