Sonam Kapoor unfollows Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at Cannes

Sonam Kapoor unfollows Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at Cannes

Sonam married businessman and longtime rumoured beau Anand Ahuja on May 8 in Mumbai.

Shortly after her marriage, the actor updated her name on social media accounts as "Sonam K Ahuja". They slammed her and labelled her as a fake feminist.

Sonam Kapoor tied her hair in a loose bun and her dramatic eye makeup made for a flawless complement to her gown which also had a yellow trail. She gave me a long hug and I told her that it's the warmest hug anyone has given me really in a long time. His family didn't ask me to (change my name). I made a decision to do it by myself. "Somebody judging me for my choice is not what feminism stands for". "That choice should be mine", Sonam said.

'I miss you Rhea, and I am super nervous without you and I love you, ' she added; known for her stylish red carpet choices, in the past she has credited her sister Rhea for helping her make her fashion choices.

"Kapoor is also my father's name, so it's a man's name anyway. He has also changed his name and chose to add something as well".

Sonam Kapoor at Mumbai airport
Sonam Kapoor at Mumbai airport

But true to her character, Sonam remains unfazed by their comments and says that it is her personal choice. Furthermore, she said that it was her choice to adopt her husband's last name.

Speaking about Anand's family and the mutual acceptance, Sonam said, "If you can give respect to your father, you can give that same respect to your husband". It is the same thing. It is a cyclical thing. "It is a complicated discussion, but at this point in time, this is my choice".

Sonam Kapoor thrills everybody with her next day choice of outfit and accessories. My husband or his family have not asked me to do anything. My life won't change. Actresses like Dimple Kapadia, Waheeda Rehman also worked after marriage. "In fact, Madhuri Dixit did a film like Devdas after marriage", said the actor. And we, as women, need to come together and be stronger. The choice shouldn't be taken away. "I hope to set an example by coming straight out of my wedding and doing what I do best", she concluded.

Rumours have surfaced regarding the actor moving to London with Anand.

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