Iran rejects US' threatening remarks against its nuclear programme

Iran rejects US' threatening remarks against its nuclear programme

"But you should know that we will hold those doing prohibited business in Iran to account".

Mahaffee said that Pompeo laid out a comprehensive plan to push back against Iranian power in the Middle East and did so with a willingness to confront European allies' interests in improved economic ties with Iran.

"After our sanctions come into full force, it will be battling to keep its economy alive", he added.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivers remarks on "After the Deal - A New Iran Strategy", at the Heritage Foundation in Washington. "We can nullify U.S. sanctions, using methods such as eliminating the dollar and replacing it with national currencies in transactions between two or more parties; thus, isolate the Americans", the supreme leader said. Instead, Trump wants North Korea to give up everything first.

Iran poured scorn on threatened US sanctions on Tuesday and told European powers to step up and salvage its worldwide nuclear deal - though Germany signalled there was only so much it could do to fend off Washington's economic clout.

Meanwhile, the conservative Kayhan newspaper, which usually voices the political attitudes of Iran's hardliners, said in its May 14 edition that Rouhani had made numerous strategic mistakes in his decision to enter negotiations with the West.

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President Donald Trump has long said the 2015 deal with Iran - also signed by Britain, China, France, Germany and Russian Federation - did not go far enough, and now wants the Europeans and others to support his hardline strategy.

Germany's economy minister earlier told a newspaper the Berlin government would help German firms with business in Iran where it could, but could not entirely shield them from the US decision to quit the Iran nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions. European Union leaders have united behind the 2015 accord, with Brussels considering banning EU-based firms from complying with the sanctions that President Donald Trump has reimposed and urging governments to make money transfers to Iran's central bank to avoid fines. He also demanded Iran end support for other militant groups, including Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Kowsari said, according to the ILNA. "It probably will take a significant amount of time to get a genuine fix for the other Iranian problems", he said. The world today doesn't accept that the US decides for the world.

Other demands the Iranians are unlikely to go along with include stopping uranium enrichment and ballistic missile tests, and allowing global inspectors access to all sites, including military locations where critics suspect clandestine research. There is "no alternative" to the deal, she said. He also accused the Iranian president of crossing the red lines set by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in his unsuccessful efforts to preserve the deal.

Pompeo - a longtime Iran hawk and fierce opponent of the 2015 agreement - earlier outlined an aggressive series of "painful" measures created to hurt Tehran, in his first key address since moving to the State Department from the Central Intelligence Agency in April.

Pompeo said on Monday Washington would impose new penalties if Tehran did not make sweeping changes, including dropping its nuclear program and pulling out of the Syrian civil war.

In his Senate confirmation hearing last month, Pompeo said he saw no evidence that Iran was seeking to build a nuclear bomb given the constraints of the 2015 arms control deal. Iran has denied ever wanting to build nuclear arms.