Hulu Could Save Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Hulu Could Save Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The network is no longer ordering new seasons for Will Forte's "The Last Man on Earth" and Kaitlin Olson's newbie series "The Mick". Netflix is in the market for making great TV, and there's a great show on the market.

U.S. broadcast network Fox has cancelled a raft of comedies including long-running police series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

It's cancellation was only announced mere hours ago but efforts are already being made to save Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine's demise is being particularly mourned by viewers who hailed the comedy show for its diverse cast and progressive nature; which included characters from the LGBTQ community.

Other high-profile critics of the decision included Star Wars icon Mark Hamill and Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Say it with me one last time: NINE-NINE!

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As feared, Fox has cancelled Brooklyn Nine-Nine after five seasons. Numerous show's cast members and celebrity fans are now expressing their disappointment over the news via social media.

Universal Television will reportedly be looking to shop Brooklyn Nine-Nine to other networks and streaming services, including NBC and Hulu.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" starred Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher and aired for five seasons.

Meanwhile, The Mick is a show no one at BMD has ever watched - despite our love for a number of the people involved - and as such, we have little opinion to offer on its cancellation.

Especially give that despite lower Neilsen ratings, the series has built up quite a dedicated following thanks to it's signature brand of comedy, and affinity for diversity throughout its storytelling.

An episode about Brooklyn Nine-Nine's characters Jake and Amy's wedding will close out the show as the series finale, airing May 20 on Fox in the U.S. and on Netflix in Australia.