Do You Hear "Laurel" Or "Yanny"?

Do You Hear

A audio clip that went viral has been stirring up controversy and dividing the world. What is the voice saying - is it Yanny or is it Laurel?

A low-quality audio clip first uploaded to reddit has people all across the country hearing two totally different words After much debate in the LEX 18 newsroom, we chose to take it to the experts. Essentially, it's the second coming of the great dress debate from 2015. It's a phenomenon you can mimic on a computer, he says: if you remove all the low frequencies, you hear Yanny. "Yanny or Laurel?" Those words should sound very different, so it seems like the answer would be obvious, but as the post's popularity has proven, it's actually really up for debate.

Similarly, younger ears may pick out "Yanny" and have no clue how anyone can hear "Laurel". "She looked it up on, and played the audio".

Do you hear what I hear? Well 2018 just found the audio equivalent.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ released in two additional colour variants
Merrily, the onset of this month finally brought along the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge Oreo update, at least in the UK. The Galaxy S10's rumoured 3D-sensing module is being developed by camera firms Mantis Vision and Woodgate, The Bell notes.

If you are considered to have healthy hearing, you are believed to be able to hear a range which is two octaves higher than the highest note on a piano, or 20kHz.

One Twitter user proved this by adjusting the bass levels of the original recording.

The device you're listening on also can factor in to what you hear. "If you remove the high frequencies, you hear Laurel".

But what if two people are both listening through the same speaker and hear different things?