Arrested Plano Student Was Inspired by Islamic State: PD

Arrested Plano Student Was Inspired by Islamic State: PD

Authorities also believed that he was planning on recruiting others into helping him with the planned mass shooting spree, although authorities otherwise believed he wanted to be a "lone wolf".

Matin Azizi-Yarandin's bond has been set at $3 million.

Azizi-Yarand allegedly told the agent and the Federal Bureau of Investigation source that he had two other men who were "serious about this", but he was waiting until he turned 18 years old so that he could buy guns.

The attack was planned to happen during Ramadan to limit the number of Muslim casualties, the teen told the source.

Under Texas law he'll be tried as an adult and faces up to life in prison for criminal solicitation and up to 10 years in prison for making a terroristic threat.

Between December and April, Azizi-Yarand expressed several details on his plan, which stemmed from a desire to punish America for "slaughtering the [Muslims] with their fighter jets and other such weaponry" and "Make the kaffar [disbelievers] tremble".

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The teen stated his plan was to cause financial damage, "setting stores on fire // gasoline // match // we won't suffocate to death lol we can shoot open weapons".

Azizi-Yarand sent more than $1,400 to other individuals to buy weapons and tactical gear, the news release said. What training did they have yet they simply killed the kuffar?

His arrest was the result of investigative work by the FBI, Frisco police and Plano police, the district attorney's office said. "Had no limitary training // it's not about numbers it's about getting a message across to these taghut countries // it's risky tho akhi we have to be careful some have gotten arrested // so we good brother?" According to authorities, Matin Azizi-Yarand had cased the layout of the mall, as well as the movement of customers and security, in preparation for an alleged attack.

"I've only been reading ISIS magazine guides for performing operations and making bombs", Azizi-Yarand wrote. "I would like to thank all the local and federal partners who worked on this case for the teamwork displayed in keeping our North Texas community safe".

He sent the source documents and propaganda, including a document authored by Eric Harris, one of the attackers in the 1999 shooting of Columbine High School, the affidavit said.