Apple warns its employees on leaking information

Apple warns its employees on leaking information

For instance, in 2017, minutes before the keynote address, the daughter of a then Apple employee had given a hands-on of the unreleased iPhone X on YouTube through her vlog.

In an internal blog post, the notoriously secretive tech giant has attempted to scare off any would-be leakers by suggesting that it might mean the end of their careers - or worse - should they be caught.

Apple also called part-time employees or those who normally work for AppleCare but ultimately was forced to call in people from other companies. He also said the CEOs approached Apple to find a middle ground for the case by inking a licensing deal, but the USA firm has rejected the offer. It specifies that the employees who lose their jobs for leaking unannounced information face "extremely difficulty" finding employment elsewhere.

The company said in a strongly worded memo that it had caught 29 people who leaked information a year ago, and 12 of them were arrested.

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The email said that "Apple will no longer accept new submissions of iTunes LPs after March 2018". Those 29 people included employees, contractors, and supply chain partners.

Incidentally, many analysts are of the mind that the most popular iPhone model this year will not feature an OLED display at all.

The report notes that smartphone companies are required to share details of their upcoming devices with the FCC, which Apple did for the iPhone X in September 2017. To reach Apple's lower tag demands, Samsung has apparently offered to supply the Y-Octa panels that it uses for the S9+. "12 of those were arrested", said the memo published on Bloomberg. Sources from multiple Apple Stores have tipped off 9to5Mac with word that in addition to AppleCare employees, external skilled labor has been brought on to cope with incoming jobs. "In some cases, they face jail time and massive fines for network intrusion and theft of trade secrets both classified as federal crimes". "And that can become part of your personal and professional identity forever".

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