Sea of Thieves pre-launch competition prize is bananas

Sea of Thieves pre-launch competition prize is bananas

Starting on Monday, aka March 19th, the above-mentioned pair are operating their own global digital treasure hunt that will reward the above handsome bushel of bananas. That's right, golden bananas, everything you've always wanted in life.

Kicking off at 8.00am GMT on March 19, when the first riddle will be placed for players to solve, The Quest will the continue for the next three days as you and your team put your collective Thinking Caps on in an attempt to solve each puzzle.

Microsoft is going all-in for its Sea of Thieves promotional campaign ahead of the game's launch.

The final clue will be released on 21 March at 9pm GMT, when teams can submit all of their answers. The first team to punch-in the correct answers from each country will move onto the semi-finals on March 22 for one final riddle.

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The exciting quest was announced on Inside XBox and is open for crews of up to four shipmates in the UK, Australia, France, the US, Germany and Canada. As stated in the announcement, "should you find yourself marooned elsewhere, these clues will also be scattered digitally as well".

If you're in the treasure hunting mood and want to participate, you can enter via If you don't have the time to actually go there and solve the riddle, the developers will also release them in some digital form.

The quest is being run to celebrate the launch of Sea of Thieves, the multiplayer, pirate adventure game for Xbox and Windows 10 which is out on March 20. Just like in Sea of Thieves itself, then, it could very well be worth teaming up with a crew to make this a more manageable collaborative effort.