.London LST18 THECROWN-SMITH-DONATE Petition urges 'The Crown' star to donate pay disparity money to Time's Up

.London LST18 THECROWN-SMITH-DONATE Petition urges 'The Crown' star to donate pay disparity money to Time's Up

Pressure is mounting for "The Crown" star Matt Smith to donate part of his earnings from the Netflix series to the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund, after it was revealed his female co-star and leading lady, Claire Foy, was paid less than him.

"You know gender pay gaps are a problem when even the Queen isn't paid fairly", it continued. [.] Women in all industries are facing a struggle for pay equality.

The admission sparked an instant backlash and a petition addressed to Matt and Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings has now been set up on Care2 Petitions urging Matt to donate the difference in their salaries to the Time's Up fund, which aims to tackle sexual harassment and gender inequality.

By Monday, the Care2 petition generated more than 24,360 signatures, essentially reaching its 25,000 goal. Women in the United States typically earn 80 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts for full-time work.

At the INTV conference in Jerusalem last week, it emerged that Claire Foy, star of Netflix's Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning The Crown, had been paid less than her co-star in the first two seasons, Matt Smith. Foy was paid $40,000 per episode and it's unknown what Smith made.

Suzanne Mackie, one of the show's producers, told the Jerusalem audience the discrepancy was being resolved for the third season but that will not benefit Foy.

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Unfortunately for Foy, she will never get that chance to make an on-par salary - as the Queen ages on the show, she's been replaced by actress Olivia Colman for at least the next season.

So why was Smith paid more than Foy to begin with?

The series comes from the pen of Peter Morgan, who first lifted the veil on the private world of Elizabeth II in The Queen (2006), which was directed by Stephen Frears and earned Helen Mirren an Oscar in the title role.

A similar petition had asked Mark Wahlberg to donate the United States dollars 1.5 million more that he made during reshoots for All the Money in the World after it was revealed that Michelle Williams was paid just USD 1,000 for the same work. Michelle Williams, Wahlberg's co-star, earned the minimum of $1,000 for completing the same work, even though they were represented by the same agent. Since the creation of the Time's Up legal defense fund in January 2018, a number of famous men have donated their salaries to the organization, including Timothée Chalamet and Mark Wahlberg.

As of this writing, Smith and Netflix have not commented on the petition.