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United Kingdom aid chief warns charities after Oxfam sex scandal

United Kingdom aid chief warns charities after Oxfam sex scandal

Oxfam has neither confirmed nor denied that specific account but has said an internal investigation in 2011 confirmed sexual misconduct occurred, and it has apologised. But there are many lies and exaggerations. "I shall react... Many people, including in the global media, will blush hearing my version of facts", van Hauwermeiren was quoted as saying by the Het Nieuwsblad newspaper. There are things that are described correctly.

"But you should know that a lot of people, including in the worldwide media, will blush with shame when they hear my version of the facts". Parties every week? Chic villas?

He added: "Now everything is exaggerated and that hurts, especially because my family does not want to see me anymore".

He was dismissed yesterday after Oxfam confirmed claims that he was among its former staff members who had been accused of sexual misconduct.

There were reports on Wednesday that there had already been complaints about Van Hauwermeiren and his use of prostitutes when he was working for the British medical charity Merlin in Liberia before joining Oxfam.

Britain warned on Wednesday it would cut off ties with foreign aid charities that cover up sex scandals.

MSF- doctors without borders in English- have released figures about sexual harassment complaints to show transparency in the wake of the Oxfam scandal.

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Speaking at the NME Awards, he told the Press Association: "We've raised millions through the years with Oxfam - six million quid and everyone's said what a wonderful charity they are and we still support them".

Aid group Doctors Without Borders said it had acted on 24 cases of harassment or sexual abuse past year as British charity Oxfam faces a storm over its handling of a sex scandal.

Roland van Hauwermeiren, who is said to have resigned before the end of Oxfam's investigation into the Haiti allegations, spoke out in an interview with local media in his native Belgium.

'In total, out of the 24 cases of sexual harassment or abuse, 19 people were dismissed'.

The charity sector has come under increased scrutiny in Britain after the UK's global development secretary Penny Mordaunt threatened to cut funding to any organisation that fails to ensure the highest standards are met on its staff members behaviour.

The star of "Good Will Hunting" said she will no longer support the organization following its response to a sex abuse scandal in Haiti after its 2010 quake. Amid fears that sex predators have targeted aid organizations to get access to the vulnerable, Mordaunt told a conference in Sweden that she would be meeting with the National Crime Agency on Thursday to underscore her concerns.